Nick Kyrgios opens up on why he appreciates, respects Naomi Osaka

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Nick Kyrgios opens up on why he appreciates, respects Naomi Osaka

Wimbledon finalist Nick Kyrgios is full of praise for Naomi Osaka as he feels the Japanese is is an amazing athlete and a very inspirational individual. After Osaka opened up about her mental health issues, Kyrgios reached out to her.

Osaka was really appreciative of Kyrgios' gesture and the two even practiced earlier this year. While in Japan for the ATP 500 event in Tokyo, Kyrgios was asked how he feels about Osaka. “Naomi, I love what she brings to the sport," Kyrgios told the Tokyo tournament website.

"I think she's an amazing athlete. She can play some great tennis, but what she can do off the court is even more inspirational. She has so many people looking up to her. She inspires millions of people and I think that's something that I bring, as well."

Kyrgios names Kei Nishikori as the hardest player to play against

With his big serve and aggressive style of play, Kyrgios is a nightmare for the majority of the competition.

Kyrgios has beaten at least once Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Novak Djokovic - but never Nishikori. Against Nishikori, Kyrgios is 0-4. "I get asked so many times who I think is the hardest player to play. For me personally, Kei is a nightmare matchup for me," Kyrgios said in his interview with the Rakuten Japan Open.

"He returns extremely well, he plays so aggressive from the back of the court. He's very tricky and I haven't had much success against him at all. It's unfortunate to not see him around because, as probably one of the best Asian players ever to play, you want to see these types of players in these tournaments...

He's a great guy, he's well-liked in the locker room, he's super friendly. I hope to see Kei back on Tour as soon as possible, he's definitely a big part of it."

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