Coach Patrick Mouratoglou comes to defense of Alexander Bublik

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Coach Patrick Mouratoglou comes to defense of Alexander Bublik

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou has come to the defense of Alexander Bublik following the criticism the Kazakh received. Down by a set, a break, and facing a break point to go down by a double break in the Metz final, Bublik turned his racket head at the net and hit the ball with his racket grip.

Bublik lost that point as Lorenzo Sonego went up by a set and a double break in the Metz final. There was no coming back for Bublik from that deficit as Sonego won 7-6 (3) 6-2. Bublik has become well-known for his trick shots and Mouratoglou doesn't have a problem with that as he suggests the Kazakh needs to be himself on the court in order to feel well about his game and to win matches.

Mouratoglou on Bublik: Not everyone can be Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic

"Alexander Bublik needs, in a match, a few points like this, so he enjoys the game," Mouratoglou said in a video uploaded on his Instagram. "And that's how he plays good.

It's extremely important to take the stress out during a match by breaking a racket or shouting for some others. It's necessary to happen to enjoy. What people need to understand is that not everyone is Rafa, not everyone is Novak, not everyone is Roger.

You have a lot of players between No. 1 in the world and number 1000. I liked really what he said, it's a game and he's right, it's a game. So you should not forget that. But again, if you want to say something negative about him, the only thing we can say is that, yes, it's a game, but it's again that you're supposed to fight to win.

And when he does that, it looks like he's not trying. It was probably not the right point to play that shot. Yes, that's true. We also have to be a bit open. A lot of fans are very closed. Then you have to behave, perfect. Otherwise, you know, the good person.

I disagree 100% with that. We are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. We have to accept it."

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