Almagro: "Roger Federer is like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods"

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Almagro: "Roger Federer is like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods"

Nicolas Almagro expressed his sincere opinion on Roger Federer's farewell. The Spaniard, who compared Roger to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, said: "Roger Federer's retirement is a very significant loss. His arrival has changed our sport and taken it to a higher level.

His impact is Comparable to Michael Jordan's in basketball and Tiger Woods's in golf. We hope the Next Gen exponents remain anchored in his legacy." The Spaniard has had the chance to face Roger five times: "Playing against Federer is a unique experience.

Against Roger you have the feeling that he can do whatever he wants at any time." During the Laver Cup, Federer explained the reasons for his retirement: "When I was invited to Wimbledon, I still thought I could return. But ten days later, the knee was in the same condition.

I did an MRI and the result is not it was satisfactory, there was no more progress. It took me some time to accept the idea, but I knew it was the right choice."

Roger Federer's career ended in London

Roger Federer's career ended at the Laver Cup, the exhibition he founded, which took place at the O2 Arena in London from 23 to 25 September.

The former world number 1 played a double alongside his great friend and now former rival Rafael Nadal, giving his fans the chance to see him on the pitch after more than a year of absence. The Swiss phenomenon had decided to have knee surgery again after Wimbledon 2021, in which he had reached the quarterfinals thanks also to a not impossible scoreboard.

The King hoped that this surgery would allow him to get back competitive, but at the beginning of the summer he noticed that his knee was not responding well. The 41-year-old from Basel underwent a resonance, the outcome of which was not at all satisfactory.

Within days, the 20-time Grand Slam champion knew it was over and started thinking about how to announce it.

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