Bouchard reveals opportunity turning "rare" as she's "getting older"

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Bouchard reveals opportunity turning "rare" as she's "getting older"

During the pre-tournament press conference at Transylvania Open, Genie Bouchard explained why she chose to play for the first time in her life in Romania and revealed that visiting a new country is not something she gets to do often at her 28 years of age.

"The plan was to do this European swing. I was in Ostrava last week. Getting a wild card here was obviously really motivating to come and play. I just want to play as many tournaments as I can before the season is over. I've only played like 5 tournaments so far.

I just want to play as much as possible. It was a great opportunity for me. It's always fun visiting a country I've never been to. It's pretty rare for me at this stage of my career. So, I really appreciate it now as I'm getting older," said Bouchard.

Transylvania Open is held in Cluj-Napoca, a city that blends history with modernity and is also known for hosting one of the best music festivals in the world, the Untold Festival.

Bouchard thinks Transylvania Open should be a WTA 1000

Genie Bouchard, who is competing in the vampire-themed Transylvania Open this week, admitted that she was so impressed by the tournament's organization that she couldn't believe it was only a WTA 250.

Related: Bouchard awed by vampire welcome, can't believe Transylvania Open is not a WTA 1000. "It's my first time in Romania, so my coach and I spent some time visiting the town and it's so beautiful. We've had such an enjoyable time so far," said Bouchard at the pre-tournament press conference.

"We also think the tournament is really well done, well set up. We can't believe it's only a 250. This tournament should be a (WTA) 1000. They take care of the players so well. The hotel is right across the street, which we love for efficiency. I'm so excited to be here and to play."