Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'Greece is also a kind of shell for me'

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Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'Greece is also a kind of shell for me'

The Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas reached the final of the Stockholm tournament and continued his positive streak in Sweden, where today he will defend the title against the Danish Holger Rune, one of the most talented NextGen athletes.

Stefanos prevailed, dominating in the semifinals and leaving no room for the Finn Emil Ruusuvuori, whom he defeated with a clear double 6-2. Very easy victory for Stefanos who already won Stockholm in 2018 and who returned to Sweden, after years, with the aim of repeating and winning his second title on cement.

These are his words: "I have played a great match, I think I have played very well. From the beginning I have been very attentive and concentrated, I have gotten into the match and I have been able to produce very good tennis, I think I have kept a high level throughout the game.

I was aggressive and we can say that it worked." During the tournament, Stefanos beat the likes of Maxime Cressy, Mikael Ymer and Emil Ruusuvuori, all of whom he defeated without dropping a set. Stefanos spoke about the final and his relationship with Stockholm, a tournament to which he is very attached: "I have created good memories here, I won my first title in 2018 here in Sweden and I only have positive memories with the city.

I've always had a great relationship with the people of Sweden, they're really lovely." Stefanos will face the very young Rune, in his third final at the ATP level this season: "Both Holger and I are great fighters, I will try to give my best in the track, he has grown a lot and is doing very well."

Tsitsipas is very proud

In the same interview, Stefanos Tsitsipas revealed that he is very proud to represent his country.

"Greece is my home. I have my roots there and I have the culture of the country in my blood. Greece is also a kind of shell for me. Maybe it also protects me. I'm definitely happiest when I'm there," Stefanos Tsitsipas stated. The 24-year-old also spoke about the importance of finding a work-life balance whilst competing at the highest level of the sport.

"We professionals live in a bubble, but the things I do for myself away from tennis - including meeting people I trust unconditionally - make me feel good about reality. That’s important for me. This also sharpens your consciousness. And yes, maybe that really makes me a better player," he added.