Italian tennis CEO: "ATP Finals overcame our forecasts"


Italian tennis CEO: "ATP Finals overcame our forecasts"

The ATP Finals ended with Novak Djokovic beating Casper Ruud in two sets and winning this tournament for the sixth time in his career, joining Roger Federer.
The curtain fell on the second edition of the Nitto Atp Finals which took place in Turin.

To take stock of the situation on this event, the president of the Italian Tennis Federation, Angelo Binaghi, spoke at a press conference. He explained: "This tournament does not create budget holes but wealth and this allows Italy to have a positive image in the world.

We have performed very well the task that this government he had entrusted us with a contribution of 15 million euros. There were two objectives: to organize an event that could promote our country in the world by demonstrating what we are capable of organizing and then what positive economic effects on the territory were.

In the coming weeks, the Ernst & Young company will give us an x-ray of what happened in this tournament. From our estimates, however, the 15 million we received turned into at least 35 million in taxes paid and generated an induced higher than in 2021 which was equal to 77 million." Binaghi t then spoke of the spectators present in Turin which exceeded 156 thousand total: "A number that certainly exceeds our forecasts.

The heat of the Nitto ATP Finals is practically the same as the internationals that have been growing for at least twenty years. If we then add corporate revenues, then the proceeds of the Nitto Atp Finals far exceed those of Rome.

Curiosity then also from which part of the world the tickets were sold 38% came from abroad, then 37% from fans from outside the region and finally 25% were from Piedmont. I believe that in the next few years the percentage of foreigners will increase to 50% as happened with London.

We would drastically reduce the number of free tickets and there will be 20% discounts for members."

Between Rome and different ideas on the Next Gen

Now the goal is to do more and more well in Rome: "Our next bet is the Internazionali d’Italia which will last two weeks.

We presented the projects for the implementation of the new structures at the Foro Italico and it will be difficult to remember the old plant when these works are completed. I had thought of a solution to play both tournaments a little in Milan and a little in Turin.

cHaving the back to back of two events with the same catchment area has actually damaged the smallest one, namely Milan. I think the idea has been discarded. However, we have asked to keep the next gen and the ATP is considering moving them to December.

If the event remains close to the Nitto Atp Finals, we will move the event from Florence down. Our goal is to cover a large part of our territory."

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