Bouchard reveals "devastating" sacrifice she made to become elite player


Bouchard reveals "devastating" sacrifice she made to become elite player

Genie Bouchard talked about what she had to give up to in her childhood to become one of the best tennis players in the world. "I definitely felt like I was missing out on a lot. Especially as a kid, it's hard to miss birthday parties, family events.

All my friends would be like going to these sleepovers. I couldn't go because I had to play a tournament the next morning. As a 9-year-old that's devastating. Also, it was all so worth it. It just takes a certain amount of time. You can't go around that.

You can't live a normal life and become elite, especially at a professional sport," Bouchard told Golf Mostly.

The fame that Bouchard acquired as a result of the hard work she put in during her childhood and teenage years could be transposed in a movie.

Genie Bouchard revealed the actresses she would like to play her in a possible upcoming movie about her famous Superbowl date. "In a nutshell, it was the Superbowl tweet. I tweeted that Atlanta would win. Then, this guy said that Patriots would win.

Tom Brady works his magic. Patriots win. Possibly the best Superbowl comeback of all time. Turns out he is this lovely young boy who went to University of Missouri. Brought him to a basketball game. This producer came to us with like a script and they were like 'we want to turn this into a movie'," said Bouchard.

"To come back to your original question, I would go with Margot Robbie or Black Lively," Bouchard added.

Bouchard also talked about the guys sliding into her DMs

Former Wimbledon finalist Genie Bouchard was asked in the same Golf Mostly interview about the guys that slide into her direct messages.

"How many dudes shoot their shot in your DMs every day?" the interviewer asked. As a response, Bouchard let the interviewers look at the DMs themselves. The interviewer looked disgusted by some of them, but read a milder one.

"Good morning, hope you have a great day and are doing well." You can see the moment in the video below posted by Golf Mostly. Related: Bouchard disgusts interviewer by showing messages from dudes.