Emma Raducanu opens her heart: "My idol, the languages ​​I speak, and.."

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Emma Raducanu opens her heart: "My idol, the languages ​​I speak, and.."

It has been a really complicated season for Britain's Emma Raducanu on the WTA Tour. The British, after unexpectedly taking the US Open title in 2021 at the age of just 18, couldn't handle the pressure of the high expectations that many have placed.

If on the one hand she has continued her long path of growth from different points of view, the current number 73 in the world has had to cope with the many physical problems during the whole of 2022 and the coach case changed in such a short time.

The 2002 British girl recently announced that she has effectively ended her 2022 on thecourts, after a painful but inevitable decision. The 19-year-old wasn't in fact in the best conditions and she hasn't played the Billie Jean King Cup to defend the colors of her country and play with her teammates.

Emma Raducanu opens her heart: "My idol, the languages ​​I speak, and.."

Raducanu commented through a message that appeared on his social profiles: "It's so sad not to be part of this fantastic team in the next event.

I'm really sorry not to see you. everyone in Glasgow, I was looking forward to playing on the home surface in front of you. I will support my girls and be with the team in spirit." The Flushing Meadows champion also commented on her current situation on a physical level.

She then added about the issue: "I have tried to do everything possible to be ready, since my last tournament I have been working daily on physical training and rehabilitation. I have faith in my teammates and I hope to be able to play this event next year." Emma Raducanu's goal now can only be to recharge her energies with tranquility and without pressure, already thinking about the first appointments of the next year on the tour.

In Australia the British will have to try to get there in the best way to try to be among the protagonists. Meanwhile, during a questions and answer session with HSBC, Emma talked about curiosity, from her idol to the languages ​​she speaks.

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