Emilio Alvarez: "Felix Auger Aliassime is not ready yet"

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Emilio Alvarez: "Felix Auger Aliassime is not ready yet"

The former Spanish tennis player Emilio Benfele Alvarez released interesting statements on the future of the two young champions, especially on Felix Auger Aliassime and on Carlos Alcaraz. Here are his words: "Both Carlos and Felix play very well but honestly we had the Big Three, and for me the three of them are aliens, I don't think they will ever reach that level of tennis.

The pace is picking up and the new generations are doing well but I don't think we will ever see three players like that, three athletes who have taken tennis to the next level. They won everything for several years and there was hardly anyone who could put them in trouble." The tennis player then talks about Felix Auger Aliassime: "I like Felix but I don't think he has the right spark to become number one.

Carlos Alcaraz has fire inside, he is different and he has this spark. Aliassime is like a dancer, his game is magnificent but he lacks the necessary conviction to become the best. Other young people? Tsitsipas and Zverev are still young, then I like how Denis Shapovalov and Lorenzo Musetti play, there are several tennis players who will share the success, but all of them when Novak Djokovic decides to retire and leave this sport."

Latests on Alcaraz and Aliassime

The number one in the world Carlos Alcaraz and the Canadian, number 6 in the ATP ranking, Felix Auger Aliassime, are two of the greatest talents in world tennis.

The number one has achieved extraordinary results this year, winning several tournaments but above all triumphing in New York and thus becoming the youngest number one in the history of this sport. On the other hand, Felix Auger Aliassime has always been considered a great talent but was struggling to take off.

Auger exploded in the final part of the season where he even won three consecutive titles in three weeks, played the semifinals in Paris-Bercy and participated for the first time in his career at the ATP Finals in Turin, an event that brings together the eight strongest tennis players in the world.