"Richard Gasquet is extraordinary," said top coach

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"Richard Gasquet is extraordinary," said top coach
"Richard Gasquet is extraordinary," said top coach

Richard Gasquet has recently achieved a milestone which maed an highlight about his longevity and the competitiveness in his tennis career. In fact, the Frenchman has reached 900 weeks in the top 100, a goal that not many tennis players can claim to have got.

The Franchman Patrick Mouratoglou, current coach of the young Holger Rune, spoke about the performance of the expert tennis player and his game in a last interview. Among other things, Richard Gasquet in recent days, as a preparation for the next competitive season, played an exhibition match against the young Dane, losing there.

Mouratoglou said: "Richard loves tennis that's why he keeps going. He's been in the top 100 for 900 weeks, that's impressive, we never doubt Richard is an amazing player. He really loves tennis so it must be hard to tell himself to stop , but since it doesn't leave the top 100 the right thing to do is to continue."

Gasquet has had to adapt to age by changing his game

Speaking of his competitiveness, the French coach then added the changes that Gasquet has put into practice in his game in relation to the 36 year-old he blew out on 18 June.

"His The game is completely different. He plays much more offensively than in the past, probably because he's not that strong physically. He does it very well and is very dangerous when he goes forward," concluded Holger Rune's trainer.

Gasquet's career has so far been marked by 7 ATP titles won out of 24 finals played. He has played the Finals twice, stopping at the round robin, while at the Slam level he has reached three semifinals: twice at Wimbledon (the last one in 2015) and once at the US Open.

The best ranking of his career was the number 7 position reached over 15 years ago. Currently the French player is at number 68 in the ATP world rankings.

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