Frances Tiafoe on Novak Djokovic's absence from US events: "He won't miss me"


Frances Tiafoe on Novak Djokovic's absence from US events: "He won't miss me"

The 2023 tennis season seemed to have started in a certain way, considering Novak Djokovic's return to Australia after last year's ban. But then came other news that divided fans and players. Just like the more than probable exclusion of the Serbian champion from the US tennis events of 2023.

Not only. Carlos Alcaraz, Grand Slam champion and world number one, will not play at the Australian Open. The Spanish tennis player injured his right leg during training just ahead of the first Grand Slam appointment. He is the one who breaks the news on social media, while journalists report it to the USA team at a press conference, after winning the semifinal of the United Cup.

The American number two, Frances Tiafoe, answered: "Tennis is brutal. But it's not it's the final, there is always a big event around the corner in tennis. He will be fine. He is extremely talented and a great player. I will miss him, but in the end I won't miss him at all!

But still, I wish him a fast recovery and to see him soon. He's great for this sport and I'm a fan."

Djokovic, no USA: Tiafoe's opinion

Not only Alcaraz, however: according to the latest provisions of the US government, which has extended the obligation of the Covid vaccine to enter the States, Novak Djokovic will not be able to play Indian Wells and Miami.

One thing Taylor Fritz didn't know and which he discovered right at the press conference: "This is my reaction live. As a player who has to defend his title in Indian Wells, the draw will be easier if Novak isn't there. I think we are got to the point where they should be allowed to enter the country, but I don't make the rules." Tiafoe, who unlike his compatriot knew about the news, said: "I just want the biggest players in the world to play the biggest events. But those are the rules. Again, I'll miss him at Indian Wells, but not that much."

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