Nelly Korda says her brother Sebastian is the best athlete in the family


Nelly Korda says her brother Sebastian is the best athlete in the family

Nelly Korda saw her brother Sebastian Korda play at the Australian Open, stating that he is the best athlete in their family. Nelly told: "I saw him win at dinner, so that was cool. I actually woke up 30 minutes before my alarm to watch him play, naturally knowing he was playing.

Honestly, he's done a lot of work. He has an amazing support system behind him, and it's really cool and special to see him doing what he's doing. I hope he can continue doing this race. But from an external point of view, it's really special to see him do this, and I couldn't be happier for him.

Sebastian Korda said, as reported by "I don't know in which ranking I will be classified, but my mother's career high was 24, my father's was 2, Nelly was No. 1, my older sister, Jessica, had 6 years old, so I'm definitely the worst athlete in the family so far!

" To this statement, Nelly called told: "Honestly, he's the best. His hand-eye coordination is amazing. His swing, I'm actually jealous of his swing. It's crazy. He's lefty. He's a natural righty, but he plays golf left handed. He played hockey left handed.

I mean he grew up playing hockey. He was pretty good too. He skates really well, plays golf well, plays tennis great. How's Sebi's golf swing today? It's funny ; he swings it left handed, which is really nice! He doesn't change hands, and he swings it well and still purifies it.

Yeah, it's just that he's special. He's one of a kind. He's really talented."

Korda's goals at the Australian Open 2023

Sebastian Korda achieved his first career victory against a top ten player in a Grand Slam tournament and deservedly earned access to the round of 16 of the Australian Open.

The American confirmed that he is one of the best talents on the Tour and defeated Daniil Medvedev in three sets, who had reached the final in Melbourne in the last two years. Korda was good at not letting himself be conditioned by the advantage lost in the first and third sets and in relying on the explosiveness of his shots in the two tie-breaks that shifted the balance.

The Bradenton native, considering the tennis players playing at the top of the scoreboard, will have a great chance to push himself at least up to the semifinals. In the fourth round he also beat Hubert Hurkacz, qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Slam Down Under.

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