Frances Tiafoe: "I would like to change the way tennis is viewed"

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Frances Tiafoe: "I would like to change the way tennis is viewed"

Frances Tiafoe began 2023 by winning her first historic United Cup with her US team by defeating Italy in the final. The US then took part in the Australian Open where, however, he failed to reach the second week of the Slam losing in the third round against Karen Khachanov in four sets, after having previously managed to pass the first two rounds against Daniel Altmaier and Shang Juncheng .

The American, who is considered by GQ as one of the seven young stars ready to conquer tennis, he released a rather interesting interview with the magazine in question where he said he wanted to change some aspects related to the game of tennis.

He said: "I want to change the how the game is seen. Tennis is snobbish, respectable, a country club sport, I want to bring some flavor to the game." Frances Tiafoe also released statements on what it felt like to beat a tennis player like Rafael Nadal: "I never knew if I could beat someone like him.

Selfishly I would have loved to see that match again, because beating him in New York that day definitely changed my life and doing it again would have been difficult. I don't know where his body is, but he's an absolute legend."

Francis Tiafoe and that chat with McDonald

In a press conference, Francis Tiafoe said that before the match between Nadal and McDonald he had encouraged his friend and compatriot about the chances he had of being able to join other Americans like him who had the honor of beating the twenty-two time slam winner.

He explained: "I think that for some time now one has been wondering how Rafa feels. I told Mackey: Look, you can join the three amigos, you know: me, Fritz and Tommy. We all got it. I don't know if you want to join them. He then added that he was happy for McDonald, as victories over the likes of Rafael Nadal don't come easily.

He said it will be a story he can tell his grandchildren one day. Also, I told him: You'll be in a position to win today. You can win today. Seeing how he feels, I'm happy for Mackey. Wins against a tennis player like him aren't easy to come by.

It's something to tell the grandchildren about him one day, and you have to be happy for him." Francis Tiafoe achieved his best ranking in October last year, finishing at number 17. In the slams he achieved his most important result at the Us Open when he was then defeated in the semifinals.

Frances Tiafoe