"I don't think Novak Djokovic misses Roger Federer," said Barbara Schett


"I don't think Novak Djokovic misses Roger Federer," said Barbara Schett

Barbara Schett, speaking to Eurosport, focused precisely on Novak Djokovic's words to his former rival Roger Federer. The former Austrian player and current Eurosport TV presenter explained: "Novak said he misses Roger in the Tour, but those rivalries have brought all four of them to where they are today, to fill the role they have in the Tour right now.

I don't think he misses Roger. Probably because he has a very good chance of making the history books by winning the most Grand Slam titles ever." She then added: "Sure, there's Rafael Nadal, but he's in great shape. He has problems but he doesn't suffer any serious injuries and his body seems to be really good.

And he's also still so motivated. 21 Grand Slam titles aren't enough to Novak Djokovic and it's nice to see. On the one hand, he probably misses Roger Federer, but on the other hand I think he's probably happy that he's gone." Djokovic will challenge Stefanos Tsitsipas in the last act of the 2023 Australian Open in a final that will also put the top of the world ranking up for grabs.

Nole's words on Roger

"Let's give Roger Federer a big round of applause, he deserves it. I have had great battles against Roger over the years. Obviously Federer is missing from tennis. I saw him dressed very elegantly at Fashion Week.

I want to challenge him on the ski slope. He's enjoying life, it's good to see him again considering he was one of my biggest rivals on the tennis court. I therefore send my best regards to him and his family." At the end of the match against Andrey Rublev, won clearly in three sets, Novak Djokovic paid tribute to Roger Federer and invited the audience present on the Rod Laver Arena to applaud him.

The two gave birth to one of the most exciting rivalries in the history of sport and allowed tennis to grow from all points of view.

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