Alex Corretja: "Carlos Alcaraz shouldn't be obsessed"


Alex Corretja: "Carlos Alcaraz shouldn't be obsessed"
Alex Corretja: "Carlos Alcaraz shouldn't be obsessed"

The former tennis player and Carlos Alcaraz's countryman Alex Corretja talked about the young champion at the US Open, in an interview he gave to Express Sport. Corretja explained his feelings about Carlos' future. He analyzed: "It's a shame because he was working very hard to play well in Australia.

I think the hard work he did to win the US Open and become number one in the world, all of this, it is normal that it takes a lot of energy and it also takes some time to understand what it takes to be the record holder and all the expectations it requires.

He will soon be ready again." The former Spanish tennis player, in his singles career reached the second position as his best ranking. He then added abouy his young countryman: "I don't think he should be obsessed with being number one in the world.

I don't I think his goal at the moment should be to conquer this position because, otherwise, it would be something else and no longer just a pressure. It would be an extra weight on your shoulders that you don't need if you are so young at that age."

Alcaraz and the start of the season

It was certainly not the beginning of 2023 that Carlos Alcaraz.

The young Spanish tennis player had to miss the Australian Open due to a muscle problem, thus losing the scepter of number one in the world which passed into the hands of Novak Djokovic, winner of the Australian slam. The 19-year-old from Murcia is ready to take the field and will have a tough time seeing that in the next two months he will have quite a few points to defend.

Alcaraz is preparing to take the field in the Latin American tour which will take place on clay. The Spaniard will take the court at the 250 in Buenos Aires, a tournament which among other things did not see him participate last season.

This period of the year certainly brings to mind pleasant memories for the Murcian born in 2004 who began the rapid climb right in South America which then led him to be number one in the ATP world rankings.

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