Todd Woodbridge: "Jannik Sinner can win US Open 2023"

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Todd Woodbridge: "Jannik Sinner can win US Open 2023"
Todd Woodbridge: "Jannik Sinner can win US Open 2023"

Todd Woodbridge chooses Jannik Sinner as Grand Slam champion. The television commentator and former doubles champion talked about who are the candidates to win the next three Grand Slam titles: Novak Djokovic remains the favourite, but surprises abound the corner.

According to the Australian tennis player, a new Grand Slam champion could come out of these last three Slam events, launching himself into what he defines as a bold prediction. He explained in the AO Show: "I think if things go well for Jannik, he will definitely be a player who can win his first Major this season, if Novak Djokovic doesn't go all the way in the men's draw."

Todd Woodbridge: "Jannik Sinner can win US Open 2023"

In the interview he gave to the podcast, Woodbridge explained why he bet everything on Jannik Sinner as this season's Grand Slam champion: "I think he's just maturing at the right pace.

His self-confidence is growing and the rise is continuous. " Not only the player, but also the team that accompanies him is one of the reasons for his possible success: "He is working with Darren Cahill, one of the most successful managers football has seen in the last 25 years.

Darren is just putting all the experience into his mind of what he knows those major winners must have”. In order to cross this finish line, there are three opportunities that Jannik Sinner could exploit: in order, the Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the Us Open.

According to Todd Woodbridge, Flushing Meadows could be his stage, where traditionally new Grand Slam champions have been crowned: "More likely it's Roland Garros or probably the US Open, where we saw the incredible tennis he played to reach the quarterfinals with Carlos Alcaraz.

I think the most suitable Grand Slam tournament for him at the moment is the US Open." The next Slam will be the French Open, held in Paris, in Bois de Boulogne.

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