Simone Vagnozzi: "Jannik Sinner can win Grand Slam"

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Simone Vagnozzi: "Jannik Sinner can win Grand Slam"
Simone Vagnozzi: "Jannik Sinner can win Grand Slam"

Jannik Sinner's potential is enormous and his goals can only be ambitious. It was coach Simone Vagnozzi who underlined it during a recent interview granted to Italian newspaper Il T Quotidiano del Trentino-Alto Adige. The Italian coach praised the great talent of his young tennis player.

He told: "He can win Grand Slams and the most important tournaments. Already now he can try, technically he has grown and his level of play is already that of the best. After all last year, in a particular season due to the change of team and physical setbacks, he made the quarterfinals in three Grand Slams, beat Alcaraz twice and the third time, at the US Open, he lost in the fifth set with match point in hand.

And let's not forget that he came close to the big shot with Djokovic at Wimbledon. This year he defeated Tsitsipas in Rotterdam, after having succumbed to the fifth set in Melbourne."

Vagnozzi and the relationship with Cahill

The Italian can also count on the experience of Darren Cahill.

Vagnozzi explained the relationship with the Australian coach and their respective duties: "In reality, we don't share anything. It's a 360-degree work together, both tactically and technically and mentally. We spend most of the year together, in some others we give ourselves the turnover.

For example, he followed the first weeks of the winter training, I followed the Alicante period afterwards. Now we'll be together in America, in Indian Wells and Miami, then I'll follow the clay season. With Darren we know each other much better now, we get along wonderfully and this is a benefit for Jannik." The two coaches are also preparing for the short American tour on hard courts, which consists precisely in the participation in two Masters 1000 tournaments.

Sinner's ambition will be to obtain two important results to obtain points in the Finals perspective and perhaps climb some other positions in the world ranking.

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