Denis Shapovalov: "My mother wasn't taken seriously"


Denis Shapovalov: "My mother wasn't taken seriously"

Denis Shapovalov, on the occasion of International Women's Day, gave an interesting interview to The Players Tribune, talking about his mother. The talented Canadian tennis player said he only started practicing this sport thanks to his mother Tess, a former player and coach.

The 23-year-old began practicing the sport at the tender age of five at a Richmond Hill country club in Toronto where his mother was the coach. Shapovalov explained: "When I was 10, the Canadian tennis federation invited me to a national training program.

Unfortunately, my mother and I thought that the coaches weren't doing the right job. Whenever she told them something about my game, they ignored her. They didn't take her advice. She was completely useless. After a couple of months, my results were obviously getting worse and we decided we had to leave.

So why didn't anyone listen to her? Why wasn't she taken seriously? Was it because she was a woman? Without my mother, my chances of turning pro would have been zero."

Denis Shapovalov: "My mother wasn't taken seriously"

Shapovalov also stated that her mother dedicated her adult life to coaching him: "When my mother played in the Soviet Union, she felt she didn't have the opportunity to express her potential because of the money.

So she dedicated her growing up life to giving me that chance. When I left the Canadian program, she rented a warehouse and put in two playgrounds. This was my new academy." Denis Shapovalov knew his mother had embarked on a risky venture, but he recognized her intelligence in investing time and money in her career.

He said: "It was very risky for her financially, but she wanted to build a place where I could develop my game. She invited the best players she knew in the area and started coaching us. All the money the academy made went to pay my expenses.

This is my mother. She is so strong and smart and caring. Without her, my chances of turning professional would have been zero," concluded the North American tennis player who in 2023 will try to get back on top, starting from Indian Wells.

Denis Shapovalov