Gerard Piqué: "The Davis Cup cost me a few years of life"

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Gerard Piqué: "The Davis Cup cost me a few years of life"
Gerard Piqué: "The Davis Cup cost me a few years of life"

Gerard Piqué recently returned to talk about the Davis Cup topic. The former Barcelona soccer star has also made himself known in the tennis world in recent years, when his investment company Kosmos signed an important contract with the ITF by revolution precisely the team competition between nations.

As a result of this agreement, the format of the sporting event has been completely changed since 2019. Although it was a long-term project of over 25 years, the parties split after 2022 and the matter will end up in court.

In an interview with the Spanish media Rac1, the Spaniard assured that he had tried to do everything possible but was unable to reach an agreement with the federation. Piqué confessed: "I left a few years of life on the matter, even with a pandemic in between.

We saw that it was not profitable and we liquidated the contract, because they did not agree to renegotiate it. We will now go to trial and hopefully reach an agreement. Negotiating with the federations is not easy, they are run by people who don't like change, don't want to touch anything and don't like sport.

Instead, either you move or you die."

Gerard Piqué: "The Davis Cup cost me a few years of life"

The question has not yet been resolved and news is awaited on what the consequences for Kosmos may be. The ITF has not released any official statements: according to what has been announced by the federation, a million-dollar lawsuit is expected to be filed against the company for all the defaults.

Several allegations emerge, including failing to pay the amount due to federations and players for the 2022 edition and failing to honor the debt progress installments. Not even the president of the international federation (ITF) David Haggerty has gone too far on the issue.

It is definitely not a very positive moment for Gerard Piqué, who has been indirectly in the spotlight in the last period for the accusations made by his ex-wife Shakira through a song, now among the most listened to all over the world.

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