Coco Gauff blushes at mention of Michael B. Jordan!

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Coco Gauff blushes at mention of Michael B. Jordan!

Coco Gauff goes crazy for Michael B. Jordan, actor of Creed III. In a recent interview with the Tennis Channel, Gauff talked about how much she loved Creed III and how much she enjoyed seeing Jordan in the movie. As reported by EssentiallySports, in the interview for Tennis Channel, Gauff talked about Jordan, saying that she has admired the Californian actor for a long time, speaking of her crush for him.

She said about Jordan in Creed III: "Oh, I did, I've seen him twice. He was right to direct and play him for acting and other reasons as well. I mean, he's Michael B. Jordan. I mean , what other reasons. The boy looks good. But I'm too young for him!

No, I'm not firing my shot right now."

Coco Gauff on concentration on the court

About being focused on the court, Coco also had nice words for Roger Federer. She told: "Oh, I sure have a lot more to learn. I'm not perfect yet.

There are times when I get too frantic. But I think he is improving on this aspect. I think that at least now, in the last two games, we can't be more calm than that. It is very difficult to go on the pitch without reacting. Unless you're like Roger Federer, it's impossible.

Sometimes I get angry. It's just my personality. I think it's not necessarily the reaction, but rather how quickly you can start over from that reaction. I remember that before Iga Swiatek won Roland Garros, she had lost a lot of matches.

The same goes for Sabalenka. Last year, in that January swing, he wasn't playing his best. Last year she still had a good year, even though she says she doesn't feel fit. She still finished in the top eight. But as with these experiences, I have to remind myself that this is life.

There are ups and downs and you just have to bide your time and keep working hard for that moment."

Coco Gauff