Flavia Pennetta defends Matteo Berrettini: "The problem is always the same"

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Flavia Pennetta defends Matteo Berrettini: "The problem is always the same"
Flavia Pennetta defends Matteo Berrettini: "The problem is always the same"

Flavia Pennetta tried to defend Matteo Berrettini from the harsh criticisms that are hitting him, after the recent failures. Many believe that the Italian tennis star is too focused on his private life, rather than on the court.

His countrywoman and Grand Slam winner said, during an interview with the Italian website Fanpage.it: "Surely all the criticisms that exist find the time for one day and then disappear. We athletes are aware that we cannot always be 100%.

We are used to being put under pressure. The problem is always the same: when one starts winning, people get excited and assume that everything is due. But that's not the case, because tennis is a very tough sport. Heavy words are said to you, people exaggerate.

Matteo rightly said he was a normal boy. He closed it there and he was good because he said enough right away. Every situation is different. There are times when everything works well and times when you lose some confidence. We are very good players, but the phenomena are different.

Few come back and win. Here are Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal."

The controversy around Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini responded to the criticisms in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The Italian tennis player is experiencing one of the most complicated moments in his career and the start of the season has proved to be rather disappointing.

The negative results have unfortunately fueled the unjustifiable hatred present on social networks. Many users have pointed the finger at Berrettini's new love story with the Italian showgirl Melissa Satta. Berrettini found himself dealing with numerous comments that were offensive and completely opposed to true sporting spirit.

He explained: "I don't feel I've taken a different path from tennis. I'm the same guy as always. I'm having a romantic relationship like all the other guys my age. Normal, and again I'm sorry that such a positive thing, that it's a feeling then, to be filmed as a professional distraction.

Beyond the haters, I'm sorry for those who know about tennis: they are not constructive criticisms and I don't understand the reasons."

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