Adriano Panatta: "Matteo Berrettini plays well and has a beautiful girlfriend!"

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Adriano Panatta: "Matteo Berrettini plays well and has a beautiful girlfriend!"
Adriano Panatta: "Matteo Berrettini plays well and has a beautiful girlfriend!"

Adriano Panatta gave advice on life as a professional tennis playe, especially to his coutnryman Mattei Berrettini. The Italian Slam champion and winner of a Davis Cup gave himself in an interview with Ciao Maschio tv show, a late evening program broadcast by Italian television Rai 1.

In the story of a life lived between tennis courts and television, the presenter Nunzia De Girolamo asked the Italian what advice she would give to a tennis player who is still active. The example given fell on Matteo Berrettini, increasingly at the center of the news pink, especially after the latest photos published on social media, after his girlfriend Melissa Satta reached the tennis player in Miami on the occasion of the US Masters 1000.

"Living intensely this beautiful moment. A very nice boy, educated, very respectable, beautiful, plays tennis well, when a lot of money, he also has a beautiful girlfriend now," he said during the broadcast, referring to the new relationship with Melissa Satta.

Not missing the opportunity to give an judgment on the previous companions of the blue tennis player, expected on the clay of Monte-Carlo: "He's had them before, maybe even better. Better than this? He must know that at 35 or 37 this thing will end, he must face life in a serene way."

The praise for Matteo Berrettini

It's not the first time that Adriano Panatta has praised the Italian tennis player, current number three in the world, and it's not the first time that he has focused on his private life.

"Berrettini and Sinner both have the opportunity to return to the top ten in the world and then to aim higher," he had declared in an interview with AGI on the occasion of World Tennis Day. Also on that occasion he had always commented on the new relationship between him and the Italian showgirl, in response to the words of Pietrangeli who had compared the Wimbledon finalist and the Roland Garros winner for their lives outside the tennis court: "I didn't do badly. Where is it written that a champion must lead an ascetic life?"

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