Sara Errani: "Doping ban? It was tough"


Sara Errani: "Doping ban? It was tough"

The 36-year-old Italian tennis player Sara Errani managed to get back on fire and, after navigating between 150th and 200th position, the Italian tennis player gradually managed to regain positions until she was first in the top 100 and now positioned at number 78 at the world, certainly far from the glories of the past but given all that has had to go through in recent years it is almost a small miracle.

The former number 5 in the world, as well as a finalist in Paris and Rome, talked on her WTA website about her near future projects and her goals achieved. She told: "For three or four years I was around 103, 104. I thought a lot about getting back into the top 100 and I came close.

I came close, but I couldn't. I did it more for me. It was a personal goal. And now I've done what I wanted to do, so now I'm going to enjoy it more than last time." Errani returned to talking about the doping issue: "It was tough and a lot of it was on a mental level.

I worked with a psychologist. There was a lot of fear, I was afraid of pulling myself out and I understood it. Many players found themselves in this situation , such as, for example, Elena Dementieva Guillermo Coria even gave up tennis for this reason.

I wanted to continue enjoying tennis and I understood that I had to overcome that situation, even if it made me suffer a lot. If you want to enjoy things, you have to go through the negative situations."

Between matches to be played and upcoming tennis projects

On the matches she faces: "I like to think about what I have to do.

I have to try to find a tactic to win matches, not just hit the ball. Usually the day before or in the morning I watch the other player's video and talk a lot with my coach about how I want the points to go. I like to be ready to prepare for the game." On her career: "I don't really have a goal anymore.

In my head I want to try to have fun and have other good memories. I play because I love tennis and I love being on the court. Until I can, I think I will. It's always nice to play at home, but it's not that easy for the Italians!"

Sara Errani