Medvedev swiftly avoids wife backlash after clumsy "only love" confession

Watch Medvedev staying clear of an argument at home.

by Claudiu Pop
Medvedev swiftly avoids wife backlash after clumsy "only love" confession

Despite winning the Rome Open final against Holger Rune, Daniil Medvedev confessed that hard courts are still his "only love". After hearing himself saying this, Medvedev made sure to specify the context of his romantic affirmation, so he doesn't end up making his wife jealous.

A Tennis TV reporter asked Medvedev: "Have you hated clay before, is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?" Here is Medvedev's response. "Friendship. I don't think I love it. I love hard courts, my only love... in tennis.

But I definitely like clay courts much more now." Watch the video of the moment below.

Who is Medvedev's wife

Daniil Medvedev's wife is Daria Medvedeva, who, according to the Marie Claire publication, is a Russian model with studies in journalism.

For a short period, Daria was also a tennis player, and in that period she happened to meet Daniil as well. According to Marie Claire, 12-year-old Daria and her mom were near some local tennis courts when they heard the sound of a racket thrown away.

"My mom asks what's going on." Daria clarified, adding that they were told, "'It's Medvedev playing. You don't know him?' We went to watch him." The subsequent match went for three and a half hours, "He used to fight till the end, he was prepared to do anything on court, no matter how ugly his game may look, in order to win.

In this sense, he hasn't changed at all," Daria said of the man who became her husband. "That's the case with my wife. I feel she supports me. She knows I support her in many ways. So we enjoy being with each other, we enjoy living with each other, we love each other, and that helps me on the tennis court.

It's as easy as that. She will not teach me to play forehand or backhand but she's going to give me some mental strength and mental stability to be a better tennis player," said Medvedev in 2021.