Sharapova reveals her "silly, punchy" way to get in shape after childbirth

Short workouts and good recovery is the gist of it.

by Claudiu Pop
Sharapova reveals her "silly, punchy" way to get in shape after childbirth

Maria Sharapova revealed the kind of workouts and recovery that got her into shape after she gave birth to Theodore in 2022. According to the interview she gave to Self, Sharapova started slowly training six months after giving birth.

Now, Sharapova trains about 2-3 times per week for about one hour. When she's at home she gets her inspiration from the Tonal app. “They’re usually only 30 minutes long, as that’s the only time I’ve had recently, but punchy and very fun,” she says.

Below is an example of one of the Tonal workouts executed by Sharapova. "A little glimpse into my recent @tonal workouts while little T is asleep (hopefully 🤫)," Sharapova captioned the video below.

When she's busy, Sharapova revealed that she often slides in a small workout when walking.

“I’ll do some silly biceps curls while I’m walking, and the weight is not heavy, but at least I’m moving. It feels really good on the body," Sharapova said. "You just kind of get it done whenever you can”.

Here is a video example of Sharapova training at home.

How does Sharapova recover

According to her Self interview, Maria Sharapova likes to recover with naps and supportive tools, like her Therabody wireless compression boots "which help generate blood circulation in her legs after intense strength training workouts."