John McEnroe reveals the favorite for Roland Garros: Alcaraz or Djokovic?


John McEnroe reveals the favorite for Roland Garros: Alcaraz or Djokovic?

The second big event of the tennis season is almost over. After having attended so many great tournaments on clay, it's almost time to open the doors to the Roland Garros. The last event on this surface will take place from next week, when the qualifying rounds will have concluded and it will be clear to everyone the draw that the contenders for the final title will have to face.

Without the greatest representative in history in this tournament, Rafael Nadal, many tennis players will be playing for the prestigious French major. John McEnroe, former American legend, now one of the most recognized voices of Eurosport, gave an interesting interview to Marca's microphones, giving his opinion on the imminent start of the Parisian Slam.

Favorites according to John McEnroe McEnore explained: "The tournament is more exciting from the point of view that there will be a new champion, unless Novak Djokovic repeats himself. Nole thinks he will deal with it the same way, knowing that there are many other players who can win the trophy.

He will have rivals like Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune, Daniil Medvedev, who is playing well and comes from the victory in Rome. Then also the draw will have his influence. I think Novak won't want to fall to Alcaraz's side. It is even more interesting that Medvedev is number two." Then on Novak's chances of winning all 4 Grand Slams again: "The chances are there, for sure.

His challenge is to become the best in history and win more Grand Slam titles than anyone else. He is the only one who seems ready to break other records. He's had good times and bad times in the last year and a half." Instead on Medvedev: "You always have to expect good things from someone who moved so well on fast surfaces.

It's true that the clay in Rome helped him because it was wet and it was easier to move around. We have yet to see him on a dry court. He is expected to go the distance at Roland Garros, semifinals or even the final." On Alexander Zverev's post-injury difficulties: "He had a great chance to beat Nadal in the last semifinal.

And I don't know if he's already 100%, but if I had to draw up a list of eight candidates for the title, it would always be him. Basically, who is therefore the favorite for the title: Alcaraz, first of all, and then Djokovic.

We are at the end of an era and more like Carlos and Rune are coming. The Spaniard has shown he's ready, the other youngsters aren't yet. He will have the most pressure of all. He has so much personality that everyone wants him to win and I think he feels it.

I want him to do well. He is 20 years old and has already earned the poster of ambassador of our sport. Djokovic has not been given the respect he deserves. You can agree with him or not. It can be predicted whether Alcaraz will win 10 or more. Rune will also win some. I think there will be a group of players that will win a major or two."

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