Benoit Paire is furious against the Roland Garros: "The balls are trash"

The Frenchman protested harshly against the Roland Garros balls

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Benoit Paire is furious against the Roland Garros: "The balls are trash"

Benoit Paire comes out confident and happy with the performance shown in the first round of the Roland Garros 2023, in which he failed to win over the British Cameron Norrie after a battle that lasted 5 sets. The Frenchman showed up satisfied at the press conference, despite the defeat, and declared in the post-match interview: "I'm happy with the efforts I've made in this period, that's why I played a great match.

It was amazing, loved it, even with the full Suzanne Lenglen. It was a great experience this year. Too bad I didn't win, I would have liked to go further but this will be positive for what's to come. My goal hasn't changed, I want to play Grand Slam matches." Not just nice words in front of the media for the 34-year-old, who protested harshly against the Roland Garros balls: "It's all ridiculous, new balls don't last for anything, not even a game, they are trash.

But that's not the reason why I didn't win, even if I recognize that you can't play tennis with this type of ball, you can't attack or advance. My game is all about serving and aggressive hitting, but the ball doesn't move, it's terrible.

You have to hit it very hard because if you don't, it won't move."

Paire expressed also about the sanction to Gaston

Benoit also expressed himself on the heavy fine inflicted on his countryman, Hugo Gaston in Madrid, higher than what he has earned in prize money since the beginning of the year: "I don't understand this system.

I think you have to do things based on what you earn, you can't ask for more money than a player gets. In my case I was lucky, this year I didn't get too many yellow cards, I usually get more, I have to be careful because now I'm in the Challenger circuit.

Okay, he dropped that ball on purpose, but there are others who hit the umpire's chair and they shouldn't."

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