Mats Wilander: "Daniil Medvedev's defeat has an incredible meaning in men's tennis"

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Mats Wilander: "Daniil Medvedev's defeat has an incredible meaning in men's tennis"
Mats Wilander: "Daniil Medvedev's defeat has an incredible meaning in men's tennis"

Daniil Medvedev, after the surprising victory of the Masters 1000 in Rome, capitulated in Paris. The Russian did not follow up on the Italian success, leaving the scene immediately from the Roland Garros 2023. To oust Medvedev from the Parisian Slam was the Brazilian Thiago Seyboth Wild, number 172 in the world, who managed to win and moreover in a comeback after taking the match to the fifth set.

The former world number one Mats Wilander talked about the Russian, explaining live on Eurosport that his defeat means that, currently, no result in the men's Tour can be certain from the start. He explained: "The fact that Medvedev lost to a player who has never played here before, but who has played 46 matches this year, including 36 on the Challenger circuit, means that the depth of men's tennis is incredible .

Anyone can go through. With Daniil Medvedev out, there are plenty of players who can reach the semi-finals and final in the bottom-half. On the other hand, we can expect Djokovic and Alcaraz to reach the semifinals."

Medvedev: "I'm happy the clay court season is over"

Daniil Medvedev has amply demonstrated that he doesn't feel at ease when it comes to playing on clay.

For this reason, as he bluntly declared at the press conference after the defeat against Seyboth Wild, the Russian said he was relieved and even happy that the clay court season was over for him: "Every time it ends I'm happy.

So now I'm happy. I don't know if other tennis players like having clay in the bags, shoes, socks that you have to throw away after the clay season. I do not like it. I'm glad the clay court season is over. I'll relax over the next few days." The intolerance felt on the court is inevitably also reflected in the relationship with the crowd in the stands, which at the first opportunity does not spare to express their disappointment.

Even in the recent match against Seyboth Wild, in fact, Medvedev had an altercation with the fans who flocked to Philippe-Chatrier: "Discussion with the crowd? When I asked the referee to check the mark of the ball, they started booing and I don't know why what reason.

I told them to shut up because I was talking to the referee and not them. They shouldn't be talking at times like this. Barring this episode everything was fine."

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