"You know my thoughts," Iga Swiatek on a controversial Roland Garros issue

After the second round win, the Pole talked in the press conference about several topics

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"You know my thoughts," Iga Swiatek on a controversial Roland Garros issue

Iga Swiatek continues her title defense at the Roland Garros 2023. In the second round, the Pole defeated Clair Liu 6-4, 6-0 in straight sets, making her pass for the third round. After the win, she talked in the press conference about several topics.

About the match: "On a mental and physical level the process was quite similar to what it was two days ago. I was able to play a little better in the second set and use the first set to get more information and pick up the pace, but Claire played pretty well.

It seems to me that the match was more intense. But I'm happy to be in the third round and to have the opportunity to play other games here." On the controversy of the night session, she said: "My thinking hasn't changed, but I must say that I have asked every day to play in the day session.

Well, I didn't even know because I'm not one to watch these games that late. I'm recovering and I don't think about tennis. Of course it would be nice if there were also women's matches. But, as I said, they are not helpful because I always ask for the day session.

I don't know what the next day will be like, so I can't judge because I haven't checked."

Iga also said about a new event in support of Ukraine

About planning to do anything else in support of Ukraine, apart from the event in Krakow last year, she said: "I had no intention of doing it, but I plan to do it again.

I plan to repeat it. Although this year hasn't been easy for me in terms of sensations at each tournament. I've had a few injuries, so I put that first, to feel better and be ready for every tournament. But I'd like to do it again one day.

You can blame my PR manager because he was in charge of the Krakow event and we did a great job. So I think there is potential to do it again or just to bring people together and get some attention to push them to help Ukraine a little bit more." The evening sessions: "There are players who love hype and energy and maybe playing in the evening offers these conditions.

But for me it's more comfortable to have the normal day and night rhythm, which I lost a bit after Madrid. So, in terms of regeneration, recovery, pace and mentality until the end of the tournament, I think it's healthier for me to play during the day. But I'll be ready for the night sessions too. I've already played a lot of them this year and last year."

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