Gauff: "Now Wimbledon. I'm proud to have turned the season around"

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Gauff: "Now Wimbledon. I'm proud to have turned the season around"
Gauff: "Now Wimbledon. I'm proud to have turned the season around"

Coco Gauff was the protagonist of a high-level Roland Garros 2023, stopped in the quarterfinals by the world no1 and defending champion Iga Swiatek. Gauff said she was happy with the progress made, especially on a mental level.

The young US tennis player spoke about this topic and her defeat with Swiatek, in a press conference, also expressing herself on upcoming events, including the doubles at the Roland Garros and the upcoming Wimbledon. She said: "I'm proud of how she managed to turn her season around.

I'm thinking of the victory she got over Mirra Andreeva, of being successful in the match after losing the first set. I stayed calm and I'm happy with this aspect. Also today, after losing the first set, I had the opportunity at the start of the second set to get back into the match maintaining the right tension.

Now there is the doubles tournament and then we need to focus on the next Grand Slam, Wimbledon, which is special for me . A lot of people say that, but I like weed and I can't wait to get better. I can't wait."

Coco on the match against Swiatek

Coco told about the match lost against Swiatek: "I lost a lot of points due to some details and then there are my mistakes, like when I went up 40-15 on her serve, but I got two replies wrong.

Did I hit Iga at the net? It's not like me to hit my opponent. I didn't try to hit her, I was just trying to hit the ball hard in the middle of the field, and she happened to hit it obviously. I apologized later, but I think she knows she's part of the game.

If you hit a wrong ball and decide to run for the net, there is always a risk that you will be hit, and there is always a risk that the person might make a mistake trying to avoid you. It worked the first time, not the second time.

But if I was in her position, I wouldn't even be mad at me because she ran ahead. I think when I apologized, she just shook her head, realizing that that was the only chance I really had. I fought a lot following my game plan, but of course you have to focus on your side of the pitch and also on the opposite side.

I've tried to find a great balance and make sure I'm still doing things that I'm comfortable with while forcing her to strike in ways that aren't comfortable for her. I have been one step away on several occasions from the decisive break point for the set.

These are details on which I have to work and do even better, because in the first set the difference was really just a few points. Obviously when you lose to someone, you feel like crap. It's not pleasant, but when I go on the pitch I never think about the last direct match played.

I see it as a new opportunity to win and play at my best. If I keep thinking about losing I will never win. I think I've improved a lot in some aspects of the game. My replies have been very effective and aggressive in this tournament. I tried again today, but it didn't go well. But I see improvements and I'm happy about that."

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