Flavia Pennetta: "Women's tennis lacks variety"

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Flavia Pennetta: "Women's tennis lacks variety"
Flavia Pennetta: "Women's tennis lacks variety"

Flavia Pennetta does not particularly miss tennis, and she has demonstrated this on several occasions by remaining firm in her decision made at the time of retirement. From time to time, however, she likes to take the court like her on the occasion of the Roland Garros Legends in which she is engaged with her former colleague and compatriot Francesca Schiavone.

Furthermore, she sporadically grants interviews, such as the one released to the Serbian portal Sportklub, in which she expressed herself, among other things, on the current level that, from her point of view, women's tennis is offering.

The former Italian US Open champion explained: "The first thing that he eye is how physically fit tennis players are now, real athletes. However, it seems to me that there is not much variety, many tennis players play the same way.

There are not many like Agneszka Radwanska and Roberta Vinci, for example, who have played with such technique. Now everything is more powerful."

Pennetta: "Here's my advice for former tennis players"

Flavia Pennetta spoke not only of tennis, but also of life off court, in the interview released recently to the Serbian portal Sportklub.

In particular, the former Italian champion answered a question relating to how to entertain oneself immediately after ending one's professional career, giving advice to her colleagues who have recently retired. She told: "Advice for players who have just retired ? It's not easy, but I think it's a little easier for women.

We can always spend time at home and tidy up something. We can more easily find something to fill our time: cooking, something else that fills our day. For men it is sometimes less simple, they often have a hobby. It is not easy to find a balance and answer the question: what should I do now? My advice is not to rush, but to take some time to decide what they want to do, likes and dislikes.

We don't have immediate answers to these questions, because all our previous life we did only one thing, play tennis. Every day after the end of the career we discover something new, it's impossible to have a plan for the next twenty years the moment you finish playing.

It was like that for me, I tried different things: exhibitions, you work in different places, and then I realized that I'm quite good on TV when it comes to tennis. My goal was also to become a mother, I'm satisfied from that point of view."

Flavia Pennetta

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