Carlos Alcaraz: "I'm disappointed, you're more nervous when you face Novak Djokovic"

In the press conference, Alcaraz explained the reasons of his physical problem and his defeat

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz: "I'm disappointed, you're more nervous when you face Novak Djokovic"

Novak Djokovic defeated Carlos Alcaraz in four sets, in the highly anticipated semifinal of the Roland Garros 2023. Cramps prevented the Spaniard from competing to the last point in the most anticipated match of the season.

The Spaniard had managed to recover the set from a disadvantage, but at the start of the third set he suddenly stopped due to cramps. A problem that first cost him a losing inning without playing due to the rules related to this type of inconvenience; then the match, because the Spaniard didn't leave the court just to honor his commitment.

It will therefore be Novak Djokovic who will have the chance to conquer the Roland Garros next Sunday. Alcaraz will surely have to investigate the reasons that blocked his way in the most important moment of the tournament.

Alcaraz: "I'm disappointed. I had cramps all over my body"

In the press conference, Alcaraz explained: "It was really hard for me. I'm disappointed that something like this happened in a game like this. I arrived at this match with great emotion, I felt good physically.

Then I had cramps at the end of the second set and at the beginning of the third, it was really disappointing. The first two sets were very, very intense, and I started having arm cramps. At the start of the third set I started having cramps all over my body, not just my legs.

Even the arms, every part of the legs. I think it's because of the tension. Long rallies, two intense sets, drop shots. It's a combination of many things. But the main thing was the tension I had during the first two sets. You have to learn from these games and gain experience.

I will make sure it doesn't happen again. It's not easy to play against Novak. Obviously we are talking about a legend of our sport. If someone says that he enters the field without tension when facing Novak, they are lying. You are always tense in a Grand Slam semifinal; even more when you play against Novak.

I didn't want to withdraw, that would have been even more disappointing. I have never experienced these sensations. I've never experienced such tension."

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