Anhelina Kalinina shocks: "Russian soldiers bombed my house"


Anhelina Kalinina shocks: "Russian soldiers bombed my house"
Anhelina Kalinina shocks: "Russian soldiers bombed my house"

Last year, the Ukrainian city of Nova Kakhovka was overrun by the Russian military. The territory, which represents a strategic position in the heart of Kherson, has been occupied for 15 months. Many citizens have therefore had to leave their city.

Anhelina Kalinina was born in Nova Kakhovka and, in an interview with, she spoke of the pain she has experienced in recent months.

The dramatic tale of Anhelina Kalinina

"I spent all my childhood in Nova Kakhovka.

My school was there, I trained for a long time in my city. My journey began in that context. I woke up at six in the morning every day during the summer and went with my grandmother to train. These are incredible memories. I can't forget, but after what happened… They first conquered the territory, then occupied our city after bombing it.

They are not human." Kalinina's family immediately tried to move her grandparents to Kiev: "They didn't want to move. Then several bombs hit the area and they had to do it: they had no choice. When I talk to my family, sometimes, they reach the window and see the rockets.

It has become almost normal for them to live in these conditions. The kids are so scared. My mom is a tennis coach and she has a bunch of kids. They can't train like they used to anymore." Continuing to play is certainly not easy for Ukrainian athletes: "It's our battle on the court.

People are fighting in Ukraine; we in the field for our country. Ukrainians are very united and strong." Kalinina contested the WTA 250 tournament in Nottingham this week. After defeating Nuria Parrizas-Diaz 7-5, 6-3, the Ukrainian stopped in the round of 16 and was eliminated in straight sets by the home tennis player Harriet Dart.

Anhelina Kalinina