A Slam legend destroys Matteo Berrettini: "He doesn't pity me"

Tennis legend Nicola Pietrangeli spoke in an interview with Notizie.com

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A Slam legend destroys Matteo Berrettini: "He doesn't pity me"

The Italian tennis is going through a difficult period that sees all the major players as protagonists. From Jannik Sinner to Matteo Berrettini, with the latter who has literally collapsed in recent months. Matteo has slipped out of the Top 30 and his numbers are truly dramatic.

Continuous injuries and a rather complicated athletic condition, with Matteo often in the crosshairs of critics. After Bertolucci's words, another champion from the past has now spoken out about the Italians. Tennis legend Nicola Pietrangeli spoke in an interview with Notizie.com.

Pietrangeli heavily attacked Berrettini: "Only Matteo knows when he will be able to play again, I hope that the rumor circulating, or that he is thinking of quitting, is not true. It would be a drama for him and for Italian tennis." Pietrangeli is considered one of the strongest tennis players of all time, probably the best Italian ever and his statements about Berrettini will undoubtedly cause much discussion: "Berrettini is handsome, he's rich and he's famous.

He didn't understand the luck he has , earns millions of dollars and is squandering everything. I honestly don't feel sorry for it."

He doesn't pity me," a Slam star destroys Matteo Berrettini

Heavy words with Pietrangeli who also appears uncertain about the Italian tennis player's recovery times.

Berrettini is not defending his title at Queen's and no one knows if the tennis player will be able to take part in Wimbledon, probably the tournament that made him famous. As Pietrangeli points out, no one knows Matteo's conditions, the reason for the withdrawal of the Queen's is not even known and the situation is far from easy.

Berrettini returned to the field after months last week but appeared awkward and out of condition and literally came out in tears after a sensational defeat against countryman and friend Lorenzo Sonego. Berrettini never entered the race, offered one of the worst performances in recent years and appeared almost like an unknown compared to the athlete who won last year in Stuttgart and at Queen's.

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