Lesia Tsurenko said WTA hides her panic attack in Indian Wells


Lesia Tsurenko said WTA hides her panic attack in Indian Wells
Lesia Tsurenko said WTA hides her panic attack in Indian Wells

Lesia Tsurenko has came back to attack the WTA CEO Steve Simon with serious and harsh words. It all started from the 2023 Indian Wells tournament, in which the Ukrainian player withdrew before having to face the match against the Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka.

The cause later disclosed is a panic attack apparently following a conversation with Simon on the position of Russian tennis players on the war. In an interview with BTU, Tsurenko attacked: "In Indian Wells I had a panic attack that significantly affected my physical and mental health and forced me to withdraw from the tournament.

After making an official complaint privately, no WTA member has responded to me. After my public statement, not a single WTA member contacted me to clarify the circumstances. This indicates that the WTA simply tried to cover up this incident, which reflects a clear lack of ethics on the part of our CEO." Then she added: "The indifference to the situation terrified me.

I was hoping that some member would launch an official investigation, because the fact that the visible head of such a company allows himself to mentally abuse a person suffering from a war is unprecedented Nothing happened for them, the WTA just ignored it."

It was confirmed an investigation against Lesia Tsurenko's coach

The tennis player revealed to the media: "My coach Mykyta Vlasov has sent a formal request to the WTA to open an investigation.

However, I have received a letter from the association confirming that an investigation has been opened against my coach. They have decided to eliminate the only person who spoke in my defense of this incident with the president of the WTA.

I feel that with this effort the WTA is trying to put pressure on me and I really can't believe that in a civilized world one can use these tricks. The boss of a company keeps avoiding the responsibility he bears for himself in his own words."

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