Nick Kyrgios reveals his tennis idol: "Jo-Wilfried Tsonga!"


Nick Kyrgios reveals his tennis idol: "Jo-Wilfried Tsonga!"
Nick Kyrgios reveals his tennis idol: "Jo-Wilfried Tsonga!"

Nick Kyrgios hasn't had a good season on the court so far. The Australian tennis player has literally played very little, and talked about his next goals in an interview with Tennis Magazine, also talking about his tennis idols, revealing who they are.

Kyrgios said: "I don't think I have to prove anything. When I was a kid, I never thought I could play at this level and be able to beat almost any pro. Today I know what it's like to beat the big four, win titles and inspire millions.

And all of this, just by being myself. In Australia it's very difficult to maintain one's private life, when my girlfriend and I go out for dinner in the evening there are always people who show up and want to take pictures of us.

When I beat Nadal at Wimbledon, people camped outside my house in Australia for two weeks. I couldn't even walk out the door." Kyrgios likes to win but above all to have fun: "It's very important to me, I don't think sport and entertainment have always been so closely linked.

It's good to have balance, of course, there are players like David Goffin, for example, who focus only on his tennis. But then there are guys like Monfils or me who draw big crowds, which is just as important. If there's no one to watch, professional sport is meaningless."

Nick Kyrgios reveals his tennis idol: "Jo-Wilfried Tsonga!"

Nick said about his career: "I never listen to what people say, I am very satisfied with what I have achieved.

I am 28 years old, now I am healthy again, my family is also healthy, I have a beautiful girlfriend and a house in the Bahamas. The ranking? I don't think it does justice to reality, it just rewards perseverance. Last year I beat Rublev when he was number 7 in the world, so what? Rankings mean nothing." About his idols, the Australian finally told: "I have admired many players in the NBA, I played basketball until I was 14, until I had to stop because I focused on tennis, but I always play when I'm at home.

If I had to name an idol, it would be Kevin Garnett, I like the style of basketball players. Tennis players are not like that, perhaps Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the time. But on the other hand, I also enjoyed watching Roger, I think Roger Federer would be a role model for everyone."

Nick Kyrgios Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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