Sergiy Stakhovsky's fury destroys Aryna Sabalenka: "Pathetic"

The former Ukrainian player harshly attacks the world of tennis and some of its protagonists with very strong words

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sergiy Stakhovsky's fury destroys Aryna Sabalenka: "Pathetic"

Former tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky has spoken very harsh words towards the ATP and WTA, and with Aryna Sabalenka, protesting their stance on the war in Ukraine. Sergiy, in an interview with The Guardian, a few hours before the start of Wimbledon, talked again about this delicate topic.

He explained: "Last year the tournament showed great courage. Unfortunately they didn't find any support within their own ranks, I'm referring to the other Grand Slam competitions. Then we had the particularly sad situation where our own tours fined Wimbledon for banning Russians and Belarusians from participating."

From the attack on Sabalenka to Kasatkina's words

The attack against Sabalenka: "A year after the start of the war, she is not prepared to answer a direct question about whether she, as a personal individual, condemns the acts committed by her country.

One could say that last year they were afraid for their families, for their relatives, afraid of being prosecuted in their own countries when they spoke. But not a year and a half after the war when they had a chance to leave and take their families with them." Stakhovsky also spoke about the gesture of the Ukrainian players not to shake hands with Russian athletes after the match: "It's a strong message; unfortunately in Paris we saw a poor reception from the crowd.

It would be different if the players weren't competing against the Russians, but financially it would be different for a tournament when they suddenly don't have a semi-final or a final. On the other hand, it's strange how Sabalenka presents herself as a victim in this situation, it's pathetic.

I've completely lost respect for a lot of people, not as tennis players, but as human beings." On Daria Kasatkina's message, however, he said: "She has more courage than all Russian players combined. She did something incredibly courageous, I admire her.

She has always been a great tennis player, she has always played tennis differently, but when I heard the interview she gave I was genuinely amazed. I respect her deeply for what she did and what she said."

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