Holger Rune: "I can't wait to challenge Carlos Alcaraz"


Holger Rune: "I can't wait to challenge Carlos Alcaraz"
Holger Rune: "I can't wait to challenge Carlos Alcaraz"

Danish tennis player Holger Rune advances to the Wimbledon quarterfinals for the first time. The Top-10 and young talent of world of tennis is getting decent results on every surface and now he seems ready on grass too. During the tournament he encountered great difficulties, he won in extremis and after a great battle against the Spanish Davidovich Fokina and won by comeback and suffering against an expert tennis player like Grigor Dimitrov.

At one point Holger was down by a set and a break and seemed to be one step away from the knockout, but the Nordic athlete never gives up and won the match in four sets, after two key tiebreaks.

Holger Rune: "I can't wait to challenge Carlos Alcaraz"

At the press conference, the Norwegian commented on his first time in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon: "It's fantastic.

I set up a great match and pushed myself to the limit. Grigor is an excellent tennis player and I had to find my best tennis to really compete and fight. I'm really happy to have reached the Quarters, it's fantastic. Alcaraz and I in our twenties in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon? It's a fantastic feeling, it shows that we youngsters are doing well, I think it's a good thing for him too.

Being able to face him in the quarterfinals is really important, I can't wait to face this challenge, after all I was waiting for it after seeing the scoreboard. It's true, then there were many games and therefore he couldn't think about this challenge.

Now we're here and I'm really excited to take on this challenge. Carlos has always been a big tennis fan, he had an excellent forehand even at the junior level. It's always Carlos, only now he's improved a lot and I have to say really quickly.

The relationship with my mother? Support from the box is always essential, they too were hyper-stressed, we talked about it after the match. Wimbledon is once a year and you have to give it your all to win, you have to leave your heart out there.

I have a great team and family, I feel very supported and I really feel it in this tournament too. My mother has a huge influence on me, which is also why she travels to every tournament with me. I want her here because I always feel her support from her, at the end of the match I like to go to her and talk about her. We have a unique relationship."

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