Christopher Eubanks: "Fans spent their money well to see my match with Medvedev!"


Christopher Eubanks: "Fans spent their money well to see my match with Medvedev!"
Christopher Eubanks: "Fans spent their money well to see my match with Medvedev!"

Daniil Medvedev put an end to Christopher Eubanks' fairy tale, winning 6-4 1-6 4-6 7-6(4) 6-1, in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Two consecutive double faults hit by the American in the third game paved the way for Medvedev, who proved to be impeccable in his innings.

Despite the defeat, Eubanks played a great tournament, confirming the feeling he has with the grass-courts, following up on the victory ten days ago in the final of the ATP Mallorca. After the defeat to Medvedev, Eubanks analyzed the match, also talking about what will come for him after Wimbledon.

He explained: "Daniil is one of the best players in the world, one of the hardest to beat for a reason. I think he showed it well. He played incredibly well in the important moments, in the quarter tie-break. Then he played really good in the fifth.

It's like his level at the beginning of the fifth went up, while I had a dip. He took control of the match from there. Over all, I think it was a fun match to be about I'm very happy with how I played and how I came back after losing the first set.

The first Grand Slam quarterfinal is never easy. It ended the wrong way, but I'm quite happy with my performance today. Yes , it was definitely a fun match to be a part of. I think the fans got their money's worth for quality, fun tennis."

Eubanks' words in the press-conference

He then added: "As I said, I see myself as a good serveer.

I don't like taking breaks. I think there was a bit of a disappointment. It's hard to throw it almost completely away, especially when I was serving so well in the second, third and fourth sets. Then starting the fifth and having the break in the first game, it's a bit disappointing.

But Daniil also raised his bar. He didn't get a wrong answer. I don't think fatigue played a part." On what's to come after Wimbledon, the American said: "It's hard right after a match to set new goals right away, especially if they're high.

I think they're a little different now. I think if I continue to have the happiness I've had on the court in the last three weeks, I continue to work as in the past months, last 12 months, good things will happen and they will do it themselves.

I just want to enjoy the journey at this point. I would say I believe much more in my chances to compete with the best players in the world It's a hard thing to say until you play against it. I think it gives me more confidence, whereas before I didn't understand it or maybe I didn't fully believe it."

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