Frances Tiafoe reveals his ambitious dream: "To win Wimbledon and be no.1"


Frances Tiafoe reveals his ambitious dream: "To win Wimbledon and be no.1"
Frances Tiafoe reveals his ambitious dream: "To win Wimbledon and be no.1"

Frances Tiafoe was one of the most anticipated men this season, especially after last year's grand finale, but the US player has so far failed to live up to expectations. His season has often been punctuated by ups and downs, and this has certainly disappointed the tennis player.

This week, Frances will be one of the protagonists of the ATP tournament in Washington and the American champion talked about many topics, on the eve of the event. He told: "ATP 500 or 25, for me it doesn't change anything, my goal is always to win tournaments.

Ultimately this is why I play professional tennis, and of course being so close to the fans. Washington remains a 500, there are great tennis players and I really want to win this tournament. My victory here would be exciting, and I think the city would like it too.

After the Masters 1000 and the Grand Slam tournaments this tournament is the priority."

Frances Tiafoe reveals his ambitious dream

The tennis player then said: "It's great to have so many fans in Washington, in the past this thing brought me stress and it wasn't easy but now I'm more mature and I can't wait to get on the court.

I play at home and I think I live up to the big hype here. Future goals? Remaining in the Top Ten is important, but not only number 10, I want to become 7, then 5 and then maybe number 1. To do this I have to win a Grand Slam and this is the priority.

You can also be number 19 in the world, but with a Grand Slam it's different. However, being in the Top-10 is a great honor for me and my family, now my dream is to win Wimbledon. Maybe if I win it then you'll never see me again!" Tiafoe then talked about the growth of several young Americans such as Eubanks, Shelton or Mmoh: "We get along very well and they play really well.

Mmoh is also having a great season. Victories over big names at the Australian Open and Wimbledon have given him confidence but all these guys have extolled our American tennis and there is healthy competition." American tennis is growing rapidly and all the latest single or team results prove it.

Frances Tiafoe Wimbledon

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