Matteo Berrettini shocks: "Tennis is merciless"


Matteo Berrettini shocks: "Tennis is merciless"
Matteo Berrettini shocks: "Tennis is merciless"

Matteo Berrettini is a tennis player reborn after Wimbledon. It was a difficult year and a half for the former number one in Italy: injuries, few tournaments, missed appointments, unsatisfactory results. The Wimbledon finalist has struggled with the ugly side of the sport.

Doubts, second thoughts, and even retirement from tennis. In an interview for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Berrettini talked about the last difficult months. He explained: "Have I ever wanted to say enough? Many times.

In 2020 I had a difficult year and I remember having this frequent thought of taking my passport and leaving, where no one could find me. I wanted to escape the guilt feelings from the pressure and my hurt body. Talking to friends and time helped me realize that I was easy going on the pitch.

It is a magnificent sentence that I have chosen for myself. My team thought I wasn't ready to take the field, but they saw determination and serenity in me. We made a decision together, which turned out to be correct."

Matteo Berrettini: "Tennis is a merciless mirror, it looks inside you"

In this interview, Matteo Berrettini makes a declaration of love for tennis.

With all the good and bad sides of him: from defeats to the great achievements of his career. However, this was not his first love. The Italian tennis players the added: "I wanted to do judo, martial art. It was my brother who convinced me that tennis is more fun than hard work.

Tennis is a merciless mirror, it looks inside you. Tennis also teaches you how to lose. Even the best, in the best seasons, they face a heavy one. For me it was Wimbledon: we're losing in the final against Djokovic. Still, I replay that game in my head and think about what I did wrong. However, I am proud to have shared that success with my country."

Matteo Berrettini