Matteo Berrettini shares moving words on Roger Federer


Matteo Berrettini shares moving words on Roger Federer
Matteo Berrettini shares moving words on Roger Federer

Matteo Berrettini played a very good Wimbledon, going as far as the round of 16, lost to the current defending champion Carlos Alcaraz, opens the door to a start for the Italian tennis player. A restart after months of injuries and problems.

Before the start of the Masters 1000 in Toronto, Matteo Berrettini talks about himself in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, about various and numerous themes, from idols and models, to dream tournaments, passing through friendships.

One of the main topic was Roger Federer. Berrettini told: "My favorite tennis player? Federer. At Wimbledon, when I played against him, I didn't even know where I was; and it was also a heavy defeat. He is not a great tennis player, he is a fantastic person." The two not only shared the Wimbledon court: the Roman was present alongside the twenty-time Grand Slam champion on the evening of his retirement in the Laver Cup.

Berrettini talked also about Wimbledon

He said it himself in various interviews: beyond the match against Federer, Wimbledon is the place of his heart. For this reason, the answer to the question about the tournament he aspires to is almost obvious: "My goal is to win Wimbledon.

And also the Internationals of Italy”, reveals the finalist at the All England Club in 2021." Not just field goals. Matteo also revealed: "I've known malaise and I wish I never met it again." A difficult period for Berrettini, who knows he can count on the only friend he considers such on the tour: Lorenzo Sonego.

He explained: "With him there is a friendship, the only one, that goes beyond the tennis court. We are the same age, we have followed the same path and we respect each other. The hugs in Stuttgart and then in Wimbledon (the first match won by Sonego; the second from Berrettini - ed.) represent a sensitivity that is rare, in tennis and beyond." On the last difficult months, Matteo said: "Have I ever felt like saying enough? Many times.

In 2020 I had a difficult year and I remember having this frequent thought of taking my passport and leaving, where no one could find me . I wanted to escape the guilt feelings from the pressure and my hurt body. Talking to friends and time helped me realize that I was easy going on the pitch. It is a magnificent sentence that I have chosen for myself."

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