Matteo Berrettini rips his social media haters


Matteo Berrettini rips his social media haters
Matteo Berrettini rips his social media haters

Matteo Berrettini has found himself at the center of criticism and social media attacks, with the haters who have accused him of various accusations.
Withdrawals from tournaments, more and more frequent. The injuries and physical problems that have haunted him in the last year and a half.

A new companion, the showgirl Melissa Satta. In an interview for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Berrettini talks about the discomfort of the days when he was always under attack from his haters: "In those days I felt lost, uncomfortable.

People who used to cheer for me have now become my judges or haters. I paid the ultimate price: not to find that sensibility." The criticisms against Berrettini took place mainly on social media. He told: "My relationship with social media is typical of my generation.

I didn't want to give in to my haters, but I didn't want to run away either. Then I realized it's like fighting with windmills. I slowed down, because I understood that my mood could not depend on social comments, both legitimate and unfair."

The criticisms against Berrettini

It is not the first time that Matteo Berrettini has expressed himself on his relationship with criticism and with social networks.

Indeed, for months this has been the topic that most concerns the Italian tennis player, especially before his happy return to the All England Club. He had already explained this concept in the BSMT podcast. He said: "You are looking for a way to blame me for a result that hasn't arrived or something isn't going right If I was single they would have wondered what I would have done but there is her and it is blamed on her.

There is always a need for a expiratory cape, to find something that is the reason why things are not working out. And it's sad and serious, if you go to the personal sphere. We have tried to send the message that we must not exaggerate: there is a limit, it is a matter of education and not everything is allowed."

Matteo Berrettini