Sinner's coach: "Carlos Alcaraz cannot be a point of reference for Jannik"


Sinner's coach: "Carlos Alcaraz cannot be a point of reference for Jannik"
Sinner's coach: "Carlos Alcaraz cannot be a point of reference for Jannik"

Jannik Sinner won the first ATP Masters 1000 of his career at the National Bank Open, clearly beating Alex de Minaur in the final. Thanks to the success achieved in Canada, the Italian has secured the best ranking, earning the 6th position in the world rankings.

Sinner's coach Simone Vagnozzi, in an interview with Sky Sport, analyzed the path lived by Jannik in Toronto, and which gave his player great confidence during the tournament. According to the Italian coach, the derby with Matteo Berrettini proved to be fundamental.

Vagnozzi talks about Sinner and Alcaraz

Vagnozzi explained: "The first match with Berrettini was very important for Jannik, in my opinion. Making his debut against a tennis player like Matteo, who came from a good tournament at Wimbledon, was complicated.

That victory in the derby gave him a lot of confidence to continue well in the tournament. Surely the game with Gael Monfils was also excellent, but the one with Matteo was really complicated. Obviously in all the games there have been difficult moments; I think the way he was on the pitch made the difference.

There is still a lot to work on, I think it is a positive aspect. Jannik has just won a 1000m and we know there is still a lot to improve. The service is improving, but he has to learn to vary more and find more solutions. Tactically, sometimes, he can make better decisions.

So he still has a lot to work on, but he's so strong that he still manages to always do well." Vagnozzi finally focused on the rivalry with Carlos Alcaraz. "Carlos is two years younger, but he's already at a good point on many things.

Jannik still has a lot of work to do. So let's not take Alcaraz as a point of reference; he has to go on the road. He often reaches the bottom in tournaments and, sooner or later, the opportunity arises. Darren Cahill? I was lucky enough to meet a very knowledgeable and special person.

He has integrated very well into the team; of course we all know his curriculum vitae. I can improve as a coach thanks to him."

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