Medvedev names the top 3 one-handed backhands in the ATP Tour

Find out Daniil Medvedev's top. Spoiler alert: he left Wawrinka out.

by Claudiu Pop
Medvedev names the top 3 one-handed backhands in the ATP Tour

Asked whether he thinks the one-handed backhand will disappear from the tennis world, Daniil Medvedev denied it and named the three best one-handed backhands competing on the ATP Tour. "I think we'll still have amazing players with one-handed backhand.

Right now, we have Tsitsipas, Thiem was there playing a little bit worse with the injury but he's back and he's amazing still, and probably Musetti is the next one I guess out of the one-handers in the ranking," Medvedev said during an interview in Cincinnati.

Medvedev called rival Tsitsipas "amazing"

Although he and Tsitsipas are regarded as rivals, Medvedev just acknowledged that Stefanos has the best one-handed backhand on the tour.

Stefanos also recently shared his thoughts on Medvedev during an Instagram Live session. “I find him funny sometimes on the court, when he does his antics. Obviously, you want to go and play tennis and not spend 10 minutes talking, but sometimes they’re fun.

Especially when you see them again on replay. He has a very unorthodox tennis. One of the most unorthodox tennis players that I have seen in my career. But somehow, he makes it work. He makes it work to his favor pretty well, in fact.

He has a very unique style. And a difficult player to play – because he serves big. He doesn’t make a lot of unforced errors. He doesn’t miss a lot. And he has the ball in play most of the time. He is not a creator, as a player.

He doesn’t create play. He doesn’t construct much of the play. But instead, he waits. He reads. And patience is one of his strongest components,” Tsitsipas said on Instagram Live.

Daniil Medvedev