Andy Murray shares very beautiful words for US legend John Isner


Andy Murray shares very beautiful words for US legend John Isner
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Andy Murray started the US Open 2023 in a very good way. Little to say for the British champion who beats the French Corentin Moutet without worries, defeated with the result of 6-2 7-5 6-3. Slight suffering in the second set, where Andy wins in comeback, but after that no problems and a nice win for Murray.

In the post match press conference, Murray talked about his performance but also about other topics such as VAR and John Inser's service. The Briton explained: "I think I did very well, Moutet is a very skilled guy who offers a totally different style of tennis compared to the other athletes on the circuit.

When these are matches it's better not to prolong and I'm happy to have closed the match in three sets." For the first time we saw the use of the Var during the US Open and Murray commented as follows: "I don't know how it should work, to me the bounce of the ball twice on the ground seemed clear enough while the referees saw it around ten times and I don't know how it works.

I still don't understand the use of technology, it was a key moment in the match and a different treatment would be better for the next few times." Murray is always very aggressive during the match and shows his tenacity in many ways.

In this regard he declared: "Sometimes I simply talk to my team, other times I vent my anger. Compared to before, it's now easier to communicate with the box and receive certain feedback, it wasn't like this before. Now it's easier for the team there is no doubt about that."

Murray shares very beautiful words for US legend Isner

A question about Isner, a tennis player of the same generation as Murray who will end his career here in Flushing Meadows, could not be missing: "I've said it several times, Isner has the best serve in the history of tennis.

He has a great technique and can do what he wants with both first and second; he and Ivo Karlovic were quite similar, not just in height. John also prefers to stay in the baseline while Karlovic tended to go for the net more often, but what I know is that it was always a disaster when you had to face them.

But I often played well against Isner, but I didn't like him." Murray also talked about the upcoming match against Grigor Dimitrov, a tennis player who has a staff with people who know Andy very well. Murray appeared very calm about it and declared: "I've played several times with tennis players who had former coaches of mine but in the end it doesn't change much.

Maybe he doesn't give you technical indications but in the end it's difficult to do everything once you're on the court."

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