Jessica Pegula shares massive updates on the rivalry with Coco Gauff!


Jessica Pegula shares massive updates on the rivalry with Coco Gauff!
Jessica Pegula shares massive updates on the rivalry with Coco Gauff! © Sarah Stier / Staff Getty Images Sport

There is no story in the match between Jessica Pegula and Camila Giorgi, in the first round of these US Open, staged on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Victory of the American with the result of 6-2 6-2. In the press conference after the match, the American tennis player talked about several issues, from her opponent to the rivalry with Coco Gauff.

She told: "I think I played a good game. Camila is always a very difficult opponent to deal with. You never know what you're going to get. She's a great striker, a very good athlete. I knew what I had to do. I faced her several times times this year, many times throughout my career.

I knew what I had to do, but sometimes it also depends on how you're playing and how she's playing. I think I was able to execute what I wanted to do today." The Italian starred in a good performance, as she herself admitted, but the American was still superior in all aspects of the match: "Yes, I think it was one of my best matches.

At least in terms of conditions and how I hit the ball. Yeah, I mean, I played really well. I had a lot of depth on my shots, which is important against her, because she's a very aggressive player. Yes, I think I did everything really well.

The only thing is that in the first set my serve didn't work well at the beginning, but I managed to get it back and actually served well in the second."

The rivalry with Gauff

Jessica Pegula is world number three and US number one, but all eyes seem to be on her countrywoman and young doubles partner Coco Gauff.

On this issye, the tennis player has clear ideas. She explained: "Maybe it's good! Coco can take that pressure, maybe not me. But I don't mind her. She's won a lot, I think she deserves a lot of this attention. She loves the crowd, she loves New York. It's great that many of us Americans are doing well so we have a chance to move forward here."

Jessica Pegula Coco Gauff

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