Marketa Vondrousova proud of herself: "Hard work pays off"


Marketa Vondrousova proud of herself: "Hard work pays off"
Marketa Vondrousova proud of herself: "Hard work pays off" © Mike Stobe / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Marketa Vondrousova dreams of winning the US Open, setting a new personal best in the Slams. The Czech tennis player, Wimbledon champion, is in a major format, winning her 11th consecutive match between Wimbledon and Flushing in the round of 16 of the US Open.

Meadows and reaching the quarterfinals. In the next round, the London Slam champion will face another American, Madison Keys. At the press conference, the 24-year-old tennis player explained the reasons for her withdrawal from doubles, complaining of some physical discomfort.

The words of Marketa Vondrousova at the press conference

Vondrousova, victim of many injuries that have slowed down her sporting growth, revealed that she too had some problems during the current tournament. She said: "I feel discomfort in my arm, probably due to the balls used here, which are very heavy.

So we decided not to play today. I have the day off tomorrow, so that will help." The Czech tennis player, who later said she was sorry for not being able to play the doubles match with Barbora Strycova, at her last career tournament: "It's a bit sad, because it's Barbora's last tournament, so it was a difficult decision.

But you have to put your health first. I cried a little when I told Barbora, but she is a fantastic person and she said: Everything is fine." Vondrousova then reflected on what tennis is for her, especially considering the ups and downs that have conditioned her career: "I learned that hard work pays off, and above all to be patient.

I underwent two surgeries. So she was very It's also tough mentally. But I've been patient and I've kept believing in myself and my game, so for me it's been a matter of patience." Marketa then spoke about how people's perception towards him has changed after the success at Wimbledon: "Surely something has changed.

In my training schedule it's easier to go to the bigger courts. The fans are more numerous and they recognize me a lot more. It's very nice to see that people support you. I really like. After Wimbledon, the first few tournaments I felt nervous.

I wanted to play well. I wanted to win some back-to-back matches. I actually didn't expect to achieve these results, because I feel it's a very difficult position, where I get a lot of pressure. So I'm very happy I kept my nerve, I'm just trying to keep my tennis. I'm very grateful to be here."

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