Coco Gauff makes sensational revelation about her father: "He was nervous"


Coco Gauff makes sensational revelation about her father: "He was nervous"
Coco Gauff makes sensational revelation about her father: "He was nervous" © Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Coco Gauff reached the final of the 2023 US Open, her second final in a Grand Slam tournament, after a semifinal victory against Karolina Muchova. In an on-court interview after her quarterfinal win against Jelena Ostapenko, Gauff commented that her father watched her play.

She told: "My dad isn't in the box anymore because he gets too nervous. He's somewhere in 1 of the suites & he's been apparently doing laps around the stadium…I don't know if he can hear me right now, but I felt his good energy!"

The other words shared by Gauff in the press conference

In the press conference after the victory, she said about her parents: "I think for me, my parents have continued to be my advocates.

You know, when you're working with a team that you just met, well, now they know me well, but I guess in the beginning, yeah, my parents would have to explain to them what works with me, what doesn't. They're just really my support system.

They're helping me remember, you know, my clothes and everything, and my dad is still sending me scouting reports for every match. But my mom is more so, you know, just being mom. My dad just being dad other than the scouting report part.

I'm still learning to speak up and say things that I don't like and do like. Just from being coached my whole life, being young, I've just been used to saying yes, yes, yes, even in situations where I wanted to say no." Gauff will face Aryna Sabalenka tomorrow, in the final of the US Open 2023: a match that could make her great dream come true in front of the crowd in her country, highlighting once again how she is the true heir to Serena Williams.

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