Lovely Novak Djokovic: "My daughter was my guardian angel"

Nole gave a long interview to CBS and made interesting statements

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Lovely Novak Djokovic: "My daughter was my guardian angel"
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Novak Djokovic experienced a very tender and moving moment with his daughter, after winning the 2023 US Open final. The Serbian champion beat Daniil Medvedev in three sets, thus taking revenge compared to the 2021 US Open final with the Russian who it cost him the Career Grand Slam victory.

A career as number one for him, even now, over the age of 36, he continues to break record after record, defeating any opponent. There are 24 Slams, Nole is the greatest of all and at the men's level the victories are clearly higher than any rival, primarily compared to the 22 Slams and the 20 of the now distant Roger Federer.

Nole gave a long interview to CBS and made interesting statements, here are his words: "After everything that happened I think that God is great. I felt immense relief and great gratitude for that moment. People ask me why I didn't celebrate immediately after the winning point but I simply felt relief and now I'm grateful that it's all over.

The first thing I wanted to do after the victory was hug my daughter. She is my guardian angel, she inspired me to win and was fundamental. She put herself in a position that I saw every time during rallies, I saw her smile supporting me and this won me over, she eliminated all the stress and moments of tension like in the end of the second set.

I channeled that divine energy that helped me win." Regarding the support of the crowd, the Serbian tennis player revealed: "I felt great support, the atmosphere was electric and the completely full Arthur Ashe is fantastic.

It was an honor to play in there. Ultimately I still play tennis for moments like these, I push myself to the limit and work towards reaching Slam finals and victories in these tournaments. Every time you have to work hard and make sacrifices, it was a truly incredible experience." Finally he said: "Physical tiredness? I was very tired and the second set was one of the longest of my life, certainly the one that tested me the most physically, but winning there was the decisive key to the match."

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